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Commercial Electrical Services

Retail, Industrial and Office Space Electrician

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  • TH-Electric prides itself on the relationships it builds not just with residential customers but commercial customers as well. We know that your business needs to have good electricity in order to run a successful business, which is why we provide free electrical inspection estimates to all businesses. You need to make sure that your electrical panel is able to handle the exact amount of electricity your business requires. In addition we know that you need to make sure that your business continues uniterupted which is why we also provide a 24 hour emergency service to all commercial and industrial properties.

    Businesses throughout the Los Angeles area have been using TH-Electric since we began operating in 2002 and is ready to assist you with any commercial electrical installation, repair, or inspection. You can be confident that you are receiving an experienced and qualified electrician when you select TH-Electric who is professional, licensed, insured, and equipped with the latest technology around.

    Our services include everything from re-wiring, new wiring to electrical mainenance and troubleshooting. You can rest assured that when you use TH-Electrics service that you will get a service that will be done by exact industry code and standards. So call us today to schedule your free estimate on any commercial electrical need you may have.

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    We specialize in residential & commercial electrical services. Our unique process revolves around you. We learn what you want, then tailor our services to meet your needs. As we see it, electrical issues usually equate to stress and we're changing that with every job we do. No matter what your next project may be, we want it to be a smooth one.

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    If you need electrical services, we provide a flexible schedule to meet your needs.

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    Highly trained and certified electricians that are able to assist you with any electrical need you may have.

  • Affordable Prices

    Providing you with accurate and affordable prices as well as free estimates.

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    Our consultant will accurately give you a free estimate and will confirm all details of the job before begining any work.

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